vROps – Setting up alerting for vROps Cluster & vCenter metrics collecting

By | June 29, 2016

When you set up a new vROps environment 2 things that you are going to want to monitor are (1) the health of the vROps nodes themselves and (2) the collection status from the vCenters that you are collecting data from. These are the steps you’ll want to perform once you’ve got your outbound notifications sorted out. In this environment we are using the Standard Email Plugin (SMTP).

Step 1 – Set up notifications for your vROps cluster:

  1. Add a new notification:
  2. Fill in the fields, for filtering criteria select “Object”:

  3. Click “Select an Object…” and type “vRealize Operations Manager Self Monitoring” and select that object:
  4. Include Descendants and click Select All:

  5. Notification Trigger is “Impact” and pick all the badges (you can remove some later if you want). For criticality again select all then click “save”:

Step 2 – Making sure your vCenter(s) are collecting.

Luckily, VMware has included an alert definition to help us with this second part, it’s called “vCenter data collection is slow”. This alert holds the symptom definition of Summary|VC Query Time > 300000(ms). So let’s make another notification:

  1. Notification #2:

  2. Same “Method” as before. No Scope. Set Notification Trigger to “Alert Definition” and pick the appropriate alert definition:

  3. Then finally click save one last time:

That’s it! Hopefully you won’t ever hear from either of these 2 alerts 😉

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