vROps – How to share a custom dashboard

By | July 27, 2016

You’ve customized your first dashboard. It’s looking great and now you want to share it out, but how? It’s not as intuitive as you’d think… hence this post J

  1. Log in with admin rights
  2. Go to Administration -> Dashboards:

  3. Click on the dashboard you want to share:

  4. Click the down arrow next to the cog at the top of the panel, choose “share dashboard’:

  5. In the new window, drag and drop the dashboard from the “Shared Dashboards” panel over to the group you want to share it with (in this case “Everyone”):

  6. If you do it successfully, the “Dashboards Assigned” column will increment commensurately. Click “Save”

That’s it!

One thought on “vROps – How to share a custom dashboard

  1. Marcelo

    Thanks for posting this, just helped me with this vrops counter intuitive interface 🙂

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