On being a vExpert

By | October 30, 2017

     I love learning new things.  I also love sharing the knowledge that I have out to folks who are interested in it.  That’s why I started this blog.  That’s why I help to run VTUG, AWS-PUG and host/present for vBrownBag.  This is on top of my full time role at GreenPages 🙂 It’s a labor of love and for the most part people don’t know how much time one has to put in on the back end to make something look pretty enough to see the light of day.

How I see every 1st draft I create

The vExpert program is a great recognition of those of us who, in addition to having a full time day job, also enjoy spending time giving back to the community.  vExperts come in all shapes and sizes:  bloggers, presenters, evangelists, user group leaders, podcasters, etc…  Simply going through the roster of current vExperts will give you an amazing research base from which to pull knowledge in the future.  Every year when the new vExpert Awards are announced, I go through the list and add any new vExperts who are relevant to my particular areas.  I am honored to be a part of a community of folks whose articles I’ve been using for years to help me do my job 🙂

Now I’ve been bestowed an even bigger honor in being chosen, among the ranks of the existing vExperts, as deserving of the vExpert Cloud designation.  Thanks and congratulations to all who received the award and the team in VMware who makes all of this happen!