NSX – Lab Design

By | January 18, 2016

I thought it would be worthwhile to document how my lab is setup for the basis of these NSX blogs.  Here is a quick diagram of how the lab currently looks, it being actually two labs across two locations so that I can test the various VPN and other cross site functionalities in the product.

The logical diagram is meant to show placement of the various NSX components in relation to the physical networks at both of my sites.  It should be pretty apparent that the layout is pretty simplistic – major design decisions include:

  1. There is a single physical DMZ VLAN, as well as a single physical INTERNAL VLAN at each site.
  2. All L3 points between these physical networks are supplied by NSX components.
  3. There is a single layer below the Logical Distributed Router which is for “multi-tenant” NSX Logical Networks.
  4. There is currently one OSPF routing community at each site south of the Edge NSX.
  5. Each site’s default gateway to the internet flows through the site’s respective Edge GW.

My next blog will be on the stretched L2 VPN between the sites (can’t wait to play with this….)

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