I’m going to Cloud Field Day 6!

By | December 1, 2020
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September 25–27, 2019

What is it?

Tech Field Days are multi-day presentation type events geared towards connecting companies that have an interesting product with “independent thought leaders/bloggers/writers/pod-casters”… or as in my case “people who ask lots of dumb questions of smart people”.

Tech Field Day 19 conference room
TFD19 – that a lot of brain in one room!

Tech Field Day runs several “field days” per year. Each one dedicated to a specific slice of the technology stack. There is the eponymously named Tech Field Day itself (of which their have been 19 events to date). Then there is Mobility Field Day, Networking Field Day, Security Field Day, Storage Field Day, Wireless Field Day, and the one that I’ve been invited to Cloud Field Day #6!!

If you watch some of the recorded Field Days you’ll get a sense of how technical & non-commercial these things are. I’m super jazzed to participate!

When is it?

September 25-27. Here is the list of times (in PDT) and presenters:

Wed, Sep 259:00 – 11:00Hammerspace
Wed, Sep 2511:30 – 12:30HashiCorp
Wed, Sep 2514:30 – 16:00Morpheus Data
Thur, Sep 268:30 – 10:30NetApp
Thur, Sep 2612:30 – 14:00LucidLink
Thur, Sep 2614:30 – 16:30ExtraHop
Fri, Sep 278:00 – 10:00Dell Technologies
Fri, Sep 2712:30 – 14:30Solo.io

Who is it?

The presenting sponsors are those listed above. The delegate panel to whom they will be presenting are a who’s who of super smarties that I’ve long admired…. and me (a.k.a. the dumbest guy in the room)…

boy wearing dunce cap
me on Sept 27th…

Where is it?

Tech Field Day is flying us out to sunny California to meet with all of these amazing companies face to face! The event will be live streamed straight to your eye/earholes & recorded for later viewing!

Why is it?

What I get out of it: an opportunity to meet with some amazing technologists and nerd out for three days talking about the newest hottest things coming out???? SIGN ME UP (p.s. you can apply to be a delegate too!)

What the companies get out of it: a chance to get beaten up by highly technical, independent voices in IT? Seriously though, based upon the back & forth I saw in the previous events it looks like the companies really take the questions and recommendations to heart & try to improve their products based upon our feedback.

So if YOU have any questions that you want me to ask these companies, send them to me ahead of #CFD6 and we’ll get them answered!!

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