AWS re:Invent 2020 starts today!

By | December 1, 2020

It’s a few hours before Andy Jassy’s keynote and I’m unreasonably excited!

One of the *best* perks of being an AWS Hero is that I get a free ticket to re:Invent every year. During the conference we get pre-release info, front row seats at the keynotes, and get to chat with some of the low-level folks there (?):

Calvin, Werner Vogels, Me 🙂

This year (because of the pandemic) I figured that I would be, at best, watching the events online and getting to hobnob with NDA info-givers in the Hero slack channel.


The amazing folks over at AWS Community came up with a little surprise for the AWS Heroes this year:

That’s right, AWS BUILT A CITY to allow the AWS Heroes to experience re:Invent in virtual reality!

There are several sections within “Neon City”:

  • A Theater for viewing keynotes and discussing with up to 16 fellow attendees
  • An Avatar Outlet where you can customize your look
  • A Sky Lounge where you can hang out, chat, play basketball & cornhole with your friends
  • A private Meeting Room. Just punch in your 4-digit pin code and you can have an private meeting with your colleagues/business partners
  • A Video Nook where AWS can send YOU a customized, private message regarding upcoming events
  • Infinity Golf!!!!

Now I know what you are thinking. La dee frickin da Chris, good for you, but I think that this is going to be a proof of concept for a larger effort going forward for AWS to make re:Invent globally available to anyone that wants to attend from anywhere in the world!

The price of admission won’t be a plane ticket to Vegas, 1 week at a hotel and the conference pass… it’ll just be either a VR headset or a VR capable smartphone.

Oh, and a boatload of “Welcome to the Oasis” jokes naturally ?

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