AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Pro Study Notes

By | January 15, 2017

Here are all of my notes “live” as I’m preparing for the AWS-SA professional exam.

I initially was going to post 1 article covering all the domains… but that quickly spiraled out of control as the document became HUGE. Instead I’ll create one article for each of the domains as I go through them. This will be the kick-off article to this series wherein I’ll cover the exam, and the study materials I’ve been using.

Main site for all certs:

Here is the AWS-SA Pro Exam Prep Blueprint.

The following AWS whitepapers are called out in the exam blueprint. Read them. Know them:

AWS Quick start reference architectures are great for exposing yourself to how Amazon wants you to architect in their environment:

I created a youtube playlist of all the AWS re:Invent sessions with relevant knowledge as well: 

3rd party study resources:

  • The folks over at have a fantastic 5-pack for anyone study for an AWS exam, but for the AWS-SA Pro exam simply watching the professional video series is not enough!
  • has some great deep dive sections in their pro cert offering and I highly recommend going through that one as well.
  • Pluralsight is also an excellent resource, recently they have been publishing several great video tutorials for both Solutions Architect Professional and DevOps Professional.
  • I’ve been hosting (and in one instance, presenting) an AWS-SA associate series over at vBrownBag, this is a great source for refreshing your knowledge.

Here are links to the 8 articles for quick reference:

Domain 1.0: High Availability and Business Continuity (15% of exam)

Domain 2.0: Costing (5% of exam)

Domain 3.0: Deployment Management (10% of exam)

Domain 4.0: Network Design for a complex large scale deployment (10% of Exam)

Domain 5.0: Data Storage for a complex large scale deployment (15% of exam)

Domain 6.0: Security (20% of exam)

Domain 7.0: Scalability and Elasticity (15% of exam)

Domain 8.0: Cloud Migration and Hybrid Architecture (10% of exam)

5 thoughts on “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Pro Study Notes

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  3. Proquotient

    This is a really helpful article for students who are preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Examination. These notes will come in very handy when studying for the exams , Thank you for sharing this article it will help many students!

  4. Khoi

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m planning to take the exam in a couple of months and i think going through both Acloudguru and LinuxAcademy would be the best.

    1. chrisfwilliams Post author

      Thanks Khoi, don’t forget to read the whitepapers from the blueprint too! Good Luck.


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