VCIX6 info and VCAP resurrected

By | December 28, 2015

Some new information has come out of VMware on the status of their advanced certification programs and it looks like the feedback we’ve been giving them has (somewhat) been listened to.

  1. The VCAP-XXX titles are NOT going away in 6
    1. If you pass one of the advanced exams, you will still be a VCAP.
  2. If you pass both the VCAP Design and Deploy exams (previously simply called a “Double VCAP”), you will now have the title of VCIX
  3. If you currently have a VCAP5 cert and are shooting for VCIX6, you only have to take ONE exam:
    1. If you have VCAP5-DCA, then you need to pass VCAP6-DCD.
    2. If you have VCAP5-DCD, then you need to pass VCAP6-DCA.
    3. If you have both (i.e. a Double VCAP5), then you can take *either* exam (your choice).
  4. Here are the current draft exam guides for the separate tracks, note that the acronym conventions have changed as well:
    1. VCAP6-DCV Design – exam guide
    2. VCAP6-DCV Deployment – exam guide
    3. VCAP6-DTM Design – exam guide
    4. VCAP6-DTM Deployment – exam guide
    5. VCAP6-CMA Design – exam guide
    6. VCAP6-CMA Deployment – exam guide
    7. VCAP6-NV Deployment – exam guide

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