AWS Certified Solutions Architect Pro – Study Notes Domain 4

Domain 4.0: Network Design for a complex large scale deployment (10% of Exam) 4.1 Demonstrate ability to design and implement networking features of AWS 4.2 Demonstrate ability to design and implement connectivity features of AWS When you create a NAT instance, don’t forget to disable source/destination checks! VPC Peering ( : Connecting 2 VPCs within… Read More »

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Pro – Study Notes Domain 3

Domain 3.0: Deployment Management (10% of exam) 3.1 Ability to manage the lifecycle of an application on AWS 3.2 Demonstrate ability to implement the right architecture for development, testing, and staging environments 3.3 Position and select most appropriate AWS deployment mechanism based on scenario CloudFormation Services supported : API Gateway Auto scaling CloudFront… Read More »

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Pro – Study Notes Domain 2

Domain 2.0: Costing (5% of exam) 2.1 Demonstrate ability to make architectural decisions that minimize and optimize infrastructure cost 2.2 Apply the appropriate AWS account and billing set-up options based on scenario 2.3 Ability to compare and contrast the cost implications of different architectures EC2 types On-demand Highest hourly rate, no commitments Ideal… Read More »

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Pro – Study Notes Domain 1

Domain 1.0: High Availability and Business Continuity (15% of exam) 1.1 Demonstrate ability to architect the appropriate level of availability based on stakeholder requirements 1.2 Demonstrate ability to implement DR for systems based on RPO and RTO 1.3 Determine appropriate use of multi-Availability Zones vs. multi-Region architectures 1.4 Demonstrate ability to implement self-healing capabilities Recovery… Read More »

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Pro Study Notes

Here are all of my notes “live” as I’m preparing for the AWS-SA professional exam. I initially was going to post 1 article covering all the domains… but that quickly spiraled out of control as the document became HUGE. Instead I’ll create one article for each of the domains as I go through them. This… Read More »

vBrownBag AWS Certification slides

Hi All, Giving a presentation on certain sections of the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam tonight.  Here are the slides from that presentation for those who wanted the links. AWS presentation_20160822

Running Docker on CentOS on ESXi

Recently I’ve been playing with containers a little bit in my lab. Today I’m going to show you how to get a Docker engine running on a CentOS 7 VM running on an ESXi host. It’s surprisingly easy! First, what is Docker? It’s an engine that lays on top of an existing host OS and… Read More »

The Mistwire HomeLab setup!

Hi All! So this post has been a long time coming and I’ve spent the last week banging away at my environment to get it up to spec. I’m going to approach this article like I would a standard design engagement: list my requirements, risks, assumptions & constraints create a conceptual, logical and physical design… Read More »

AWS – Monitoring the Memory of your Virtual Machine (AMI)

Out of the box, CloudWatch by default monitors 4 things: CPU Network Disk Status Checks Can you tell which resource CloudWatch doesn’t monitor out of the box? Memory! (update:  According to AWS technical support “Right now, you do not need to deploy anything in you AMI to monitor your instance. Metrics like memory utilization and… Read More »

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vROps – Setting up alerting for vROps Cluster & vCenter metrics collecting

When you set up a new vROps environment 2 things that you are going to want to monitor are (1) the health of the vROps nodes themselves and (2) the collection status from the vCenters that you are collecting data from. These are the steps you’ll want to perform once you’ve got your outbound notifications… Read More »