New Quarter Rack for the Homelab

By | 2016-01-01

So I’m working on beefing up the home lab a little bit and I realized that I didn’t have a great place to put everything.  Ok, full disclosure, I’ve known for a while now that I’ve needed a place, but I’ve been too cheap to spend the $400+ for a quarter rack.  I’ve been getting along by fabricating/living with a cumbersome 2×4 wooden rack with a beveled front for mounting my gear.


So I was wistfully looking through the quarter racks via the googles when all of a sudden I saw THIS.  A SmartRack Model SR12UB for $67.53!!  Immediately I thought “what’s the catch?”, so I added to cart, checked out, and got to shipping.  That’s when the price of shipping was a whopping $317!  So I thought “sneaky sneaky”, but upon closer inspection, that shipping was the costliest of the several options.  Based upon my location (ground floor, no loading dock) I was able to get the much more reasonable price of $142, making my total purchase price $209.53… Still half as cheap as their closest competitor!


I checked that they are a Google certified store, so my purchase is covered by Google for up to $1000, and they have a reseller rating of 9.15/10.  So if you are in the market for a quarter rack this appears to be a fantastic deal.  Not sure how long it’s going to last, but I’ll be posting my findings when it shows up in 4-7 business days.  Very excited!


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